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【SD/DD~SD16girl】 Afternoon tea jumpskirt set

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M size:SD/DD~SD16girl

This jumpskirt set includes the following 3 items:
long jumpskirt + same color pin tuck skirt+ same color ribbon belt

Attention: When SD16 girls wear it, the front button on the chest may be slightly pulled open. In that case, it is recommended to sew an additional snap button yourself.

Also, it is not recommended for dolls whose bust exceeds 27cm.

Since the long jumpskirt  uses an original design, it is printed by digital printing. The color of the fabric itself is a little less vibrant than the fabrics sold on the market.

order time:2023.04.08 21:00~(Japan time)

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MELODY.C is a brand for SDM/MDD and SD/DD~SD17 size dolls and doll owners.Since 2019.07 . MELODY.C is a melody about cute and cool.