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【1/4 heel foot/MDD】Pearl Lady heel Shoes

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S size:1/4 heel foot/MDD

  Attention: This shoe is a high-heeled shoe and needs to be worn with a 1/4 high heel.
MDD can also wear this shoe, and some BJD with feet smaller than or equal to MDD can also wear it but there is no guarantee that they can stand.
Two types of pearlescent leather shoes are more prone to small scratches compared to the other three types of non pearlescent leather shoes.
Basically, the upper of pearlescent shoes may have small scratches to some extent when viewed very carefully under light, but taking photos will not have any impact.
This issue cannot be avoided. Please accept it before placing order.
This time we have some stock of the products, if the stock is sold out, the order will be changed to per-order. The per-orders are limited in time but not in quantity.

✈️Delivery time:
at stock: 2weeks
per-order: 3~3.5 months since order


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