【Must Read】Shopping Attention

Q:【about the size/order time/sending time】A:The size/order time are all write at the goods page,you can check  them from each goods page.

About sending time
At stock goods:shipping about 15days

Per-order goods:depend on the products sending time is different, the time is all write at the goods page,you can check  them from each goods page.

Q:【want change the order color/size or Additional purchase】

A:Please connect with us by twitter DM(@aiyu931028) or mail(sales@melodyc.org)

Change the order color/sizeWe can only accept the color/size change during the per-order time and only per-order goods can accept the change.

At stock goods or any received goods without any quality problem will not be accepted to change.

tell us your order number and change item ,we will change the color when we send the package.

Additional purchase→please order the goods you want to add,and tell us your order number,we will return the second shipping fee to you。please DO NOT cancel your order by paypal directly!!!

Q:【order cancel】

A:If the cancel is still in the per-order time,we can accept the cancel .But you must pay the cancel service fee to Paypal,because paypal need you to pay that service fee.Not us need you to pay that.

So when you received the return money you just can only get the amount under you have payed.please DO NOT cancel your order by paypal directly!!!We will return the money by our shop.

BUT if the cancel is out the per-order time ,you can only have one chance to cancel the order, if the next time you are still want to cancel order out of the per-order time,we will block your account.It will make our stock a real mess!!So please DO NOT cancel the order easily after the per-order time!!

Q:【down value】

A: Of course it is OK~We will write a low price when we send the package,you don't need to conect us ,we will still write a low price directly.


Thank you for your read ,hope you can enjoy the shopping~!❤