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【SD/DD~SD17】leather boots

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M size:SD/DD~SD16 girl&SD/DD boy(foot size≤6.5cm)
L size:SD13boy~SD17boy (foot size≤8.7cm)
Attention: Due to the long production time of L size boots, some products sold this time are produced in two times.The quality of the products produced in both times is the same, but the color will be different.

The leather color of milk white boots is slightly yellower than the sole on the first production, and slightly whiter than the sole on the second production.

The difference between the two production of pink and grayish violet boots is not very big, but the leather of the first production is slightly yellower than the second.

The spot of two production will be sent randomly and cannot be selected.

Please refer to the color of the second production for the color of the reserved product. The upper color of milk white/pink/grayish violet boots is not pure white, but cream white.

✈️Delivery time: 
This time we have some stock of the products. If the stock is sold out, the order will be changed to per-order.
at stock order:1~2 weeks since order
per-order:3 months since order


MELODY.C is a brand for SDM/MDD and SD/DD~SD17 size dolls and doll owners.Since 2019.07 . MELODY.C is a melody about cute and cool.