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【1/3girl heel foot&DD】Vintage Mary Jane Shoes

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M size:SDgr&SD16&1/3girl heel foot&DD
Attention: Due to the vintage engraved design of the shoe buckle, the inner side of the buckle is relatively sharp, and there may be scratches and small damages on the contact surface between the buckle and the strap (Please refer to the following figure). This issue cannot be avoided. Please accept this before place order.

Also, it is recommended not to adjust the shoe buckle and strap, just wear the shoes directly. If you need to adjust it, please try not to let the strap touch the buckle to avoid scratching the shoe strap.

In addition, in order to prevent the shoes from colliding with each other during transportation and damaging or scratching the leather surface of the shoes, the left and right shoes are separated by paper strips and wrapped in a whole piece of paper instead of the previous drawstring bag packaging. Therefore, the price is different from the previous style.

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this time we have some stock of the products, if the stock is sold out, the order will be changed to per-order

at stock order: 2 weeks since order


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